Aims and Objectives

The key aims of the Mountain Heritage Trust are to ensure that Britain’s unique and fascinating heritage, artefacts, history, traditions and records of the people connected with its mountainous areas are conserved, documented, made accessible and, most importantly, communicated to as wide an audience as possible.

The Cat Walk, Kern Knotts

Stanley Watson, The Cat Walk, Kern Knotts, Great Gable
© Stanley Watson Collection, MHT

Its objectives are the advancement for the public benefit of:

  • education through knowledge and understanding about the history, heritage, skills and safe conduct of British climbing, hill walking and mountaineering and the environments in which these activities take place. This offers an enrichment of a popular sport contributing to national health.
  • the development of the British Mountain Heritage database of the location of club, museum and private archives of British mountaineering history.
  • the creation of a repository accessible to researchers, and the public display of mountaineering history and heritage.
  • the provision of professional advice for opportunities to preserve the historical and contemporary mountaineering record and archive, wherever its location.