Access Points: A to Z

100 years of Rock Climbing in the Lake District
100 years of Wayfaring 1906-2006
30 miles round Birmingham
7000 metre peaks
8000 Metres- Climbing the World's Highest Mountains
A Brief History of British Mountaineering
A Century on the Crags
A Climber's Guide to South-East England
A Climbers' Guide to The Staffordshire Roaches and Hen Cloud Area
A Guide to Laddow
A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to North Wales (Southern Section)
A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the Lake District
A Picture History of Mountaineering
A plant hunter in Tibet
A price guide to books concerning British Mountaineers & Mountaineering in the British Isles
A price guide to books concerning Mountaineering in the Himalayas
A Progress in Mountaineering
A Treasury of Mountaineering Stories
A Woman's Reach
Abbot Hall
Abraham, Ashley Perry (1876-1951)
Abraham, George
Abraham, George D
Abraham, George Dixon (1872-1965)
Abraham, George Perry Ashley (1844-1923), Photographer
Access to Mountains Bill
Active camming device
Adams family of Laneast
Addis, Sir Charles Stewart (1861-1945) Banker
Adventure Sports - Rock Climbing
Adventures in Climbing
Again Switzerland
Allen, R F
Allsop, Allan and Evans, R Brian
Alpine Club
Alpine Club Journal
Alpine Club Journal Indexes
Alpine Club Library Catalogue - Volume one 1982
Alpine hauling bag
Alpine Regions
Alpine Roundabout
Alpine Ways
Alton Mountaineering Club
Ama Dablam
American Alpine Journal
Americans on Everest
An Alpine Journey
An Artist Among Mountains
An Introduction to Climbing Webbing
And nobody woke up dead - the life and times of Mabel Barker: Climber and educational pioneer
Anderson, Airlee (1975-)
Andrews, Arthur (1868-1959)
Angle piton
Annapurna - The first 8,000 metre peak
Anthoine, Julian Vincent (c.1939 -1989), known as Mo
Approach to the hills
Archives Network Wales
Armitt Gallery, Museum & Library
Arolla, Switzerland
Arrampicate in Valle Sermenza
Artificial Aids in Mountaineering

Ashton, Steve
Association of British Mountain Guides - Brochure 1986
At the rising of the moon
At the Sharp End
Atkins, Flight Lieutenant Ted
Atlas Mountains
Aus dem leben eines Bergsteigers
Avramov, Avram
Baddeley, M J B
Bagshawe, Benjamin (d.1907) Antiquarian
Baikie, James
Bailey, Adrian
Baillie, Rusty
Balcombe, Graham (1907-2000)
Ballooning over Everest
Band, George
Band, George (1929-2011)
Banks, Michael Edward Borg (1922-2013)
Barford J E Q
Barford, J E Q
Barker, Giles Ellis (1956-1992)
Barker, Mabel Mary (1885-1961)
Barlow, Guy (1900 - 1951)
Barnard Castle School
Barnsley Mountaineering Club
Barron, John
Barrow Record Office and Local Studies Library
Barrow, J (1860-98)
Barry, John & Shepherd, Nigel
Barry, Richard Vincent Merriman (1915-1938)
Basterfield, George & Thomson, A. R.
Basterfield, George (c.1877-1949)
Bauer, Paul
Beatty, John, editor
Beaufoy, Mark, Colonel (1764-1827), Astronomer & Physicist
Because it is there - Famous Mountaineers 1840-1940
Bed roll
Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service
Beer Bottle
Beer, Gavin Rylands de
Beetham, Bentley (1886-1963)
Belay plate
Bell, Herbert (1856-1946)
Bell, J H B
Bell, J H B (fl. 1927-1938)
Bell, J H B, Bozman, E F & Fairfax-Blakeborough, J
Bellows family of Gloucester
Ben Nevis
Benham, Gertrude (1867-1938)
Bentley Beetham 1924 Everest Trust
Best Forgotten Art
Between Heaven and Earth
Beyer, Frants (1872-1907)
Beyond Risk - Conversations with climbers
Bezruchka, Stephen
BFI National Film & Television Archive
Biden, Max
Bird, Isabella L
Birkett, Robert James (1915-1993), known as Jim
Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department
Birmingham-Leicester - sheet 15
Birtles, G B
Biven, P H and McDermott, M B
Black's Guide to the English Lakes
Blackshaw, Alan
Blackshaw, Alan (1933-2011)
Blair, Eric Arthur (1903-1950) known as Orwell, George
Blakeley, R W (fl. 1900-1938)
Blakeney, Thomas Sydney (1903-1976)
Bles, Mark
Boardman, Peter David (1950-1982)
Boell, J & Aillet, L
Boell, Jacques
Bolt gun
Bonatti, Walter
Bonington, Chris
Bonington, Sir Christian John Storey (1934-)
Boot liner
Boot liners
Booz, Elisabeth B
Borrowdale - A Climber's Guide
Boukreev, Anatoli & DeWalt, G Weston
Bourdillon, Thomas Duncan (1924-1956)
Bower, George Sutcliffe (1890-1953)
Bowley, Graham
Box tent
Box tent inner
Box tent poles
Boysen, Jan Anders Martin (1941-)
Bradley, A G
Bragg, Melvyn; Hull, Howard; Lindop, Grevel
Braithwaite, Paul (1946-) known as Tut
Brassington Rocks
Bray, Stanley Roy George (1930-) known as Vic
break bar
Bregaglia East
Bregaglia West
Bretscher, Egon (1901-1973)
Breul, Karl Herman (1860-1932)
Bridge, Alfred William (1902-1971)
Brinton, William (1823-1867)
Bristow, Emily Caroline (1864-1935), known as Lily
British Crags and Climbers
British Empire and Commonwealth Museum
British Hills and Mountains
British Library, Department of Manuscripts
British Library, India Office Records
British Mountain Climbs
British Mountaineers
British Pathe Ltd
British University Film and Video Council
Brown, Hamish
Brown, Hamish M
Brown, Hamish Macmillan (1934-)
Brown, Joe
Brown, Joe (1930-)
Brown, Percy
Brown, T Graham
Brown, T, Graham (Editor)
Brown, Thomas Graham (1882-1965)
Browning, Oscar (1837-1923)
Bryan, Sophia (Sophie) (1850-1922)
Bukta Swift fly sheet
Bukta Swift tent
Burke, Mick (1941-1975)
Burn, Rev. Aubrey Ronald Graham (1887 - 1972)
Busk, Douglas
Butter lamp
Buttermere and Newlands Area
Buxton & Matlock - sheet 45
Byne, Eric
Byne, Eric and Sutton, Geoffrey
c. 1971
Cabourn, Nigel
Caernarvonshire - sheet XXI SE
Cairngorm Club
Cambridge - sheet 20
Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
Cambridge University Mountaineering Club
Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre
Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre
Cambridge University: Scott Polar Research Institute
Camming Device
Camps and Climbs in Arctic Norway
Canadian National Railways
Candle lantern
Cap comforter
Carr, H R C and Lister, G A
Carrington, Rab (1947-)
Carry case
Carter, H. Adams, editor
Catalogue - Climbing Boots and Equipment
Catton, William Thorpe
Cave, Right Reverend Monsignor Colonel Francis Oswin (1897-1974)
Caving and Potholing
Chadwick, Alison (died 1978)
Chameleon Television
Changabang Mountain
Channel Peg
Chant of pleasant exploration
Chapman, F. Spencer
Cheadle, William Butler (1835-1910)
Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies
Cho Oyu - by Favour of the Gods
Choepal, Losang
Chorley, Katherine C Editor
Chorley, Lord Roger Richard Edward
Chorley, Robert Samuel Theodore (1895-1978)
Chouinard Equipment Catalogue
Chris Bonington Picture Library
Christy, Gerald (fl. 1896-1933)
Chronicles of John R Jenkins 1913-1947
Cine Camera
Clark, R W and Pyatt, E C
Clark, Ronald
Clark, Ronald W
Clark, Wilfred Le Gros
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Dave
Classic Rock
Cleare, John
Cleare, John & Smythe, Tony
Cleare, John (1936-)
Clegg, John (c.1926-)
Cleveland Mountaineering Club
Climber and Fellwalker in Lakeland
Climber's Guide to Glendalough
Climbers' Club
Climbers' Club Bulletin : New Climbs - including guides to Cwm Silyn etc
Climbers' Club Guides to Wales - 1 : Carneddau
Climbers' Club Guides to Wales - 4 : Llanberis North
Climbers' Club Guides to Wales - Moelwynion (an interim guide to the lower crags)
Climbers' Club Journal
Climbers' Guide to Ben Nevis
Climbers' Guide to Glen Coe and Ardgour Volume I - Buachaille Etive Mor
Climbers' Guide to Glencoe and Ardgour, Vol I Buachaille Etive Mor
Climbers' Guide to the Cairngorms Area, Vol I Northern District
Climbers' Guide to the Cairngorms Area, Vol II Southern District
Climbers' Guide to the Cuillin of Skye
Climbers' Guide to the Northern Highlands Area, Vol I Letterewe and Easter Ross
Climbing - A Guide to Mountaineering and Mountain Rescue
Climbing and Walking in South East England
Climbing belt
Climbing boot nail
Climbing boots
Climbing Days
Climbing Guide to Gibraltar
Climbing Guides to the English Lake District - Borrowdale
Climbing guides to the Snowden District - Llanberis Pass
Climbing in Britain
Climbing Philosophy for Everyone
Climbing with Angels and Ghosts
Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
Climbs of My Youth
Climbs on Alpine Peaks
Climbs on Great Gable and rock climbing in Borrowdale
Climbs on Gritstone - Sheffield Area
Climbs on Gritstone Vol 5 West Yorkshire area
Climbs on the Scawfell group - a climbers' guide
Clitheroe Mountaineering Club
CLOG Quick Release Karabiner
CLOG Screwgate Karabiner
Clogwyn Du'r Arddu
Clough, Ian Stewart (1937-1970)
Clubfuhrer durch die Bundner Alpen
Clwb Mynydda Cymru
Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team - Yearbook 1953-2013
Cold Wars - Climbing the fine line between risk and reality
Collie, John Norman (1859-1942) Professor
Collingwood, W G
compiled and edited by Robin G Collomb & Peter Crew.
compiled and edited by Robin G Collomb.
Compiled by Roger Atkinson, Kevin Ford, Hugh Taylor and Fred Underhill. Edited by Michael Fox
Condict, David
Conway, Martin
Conway, Sir William Martin
Cooper, Julian Heaton (1947-)
Cooper, W Heaton
Cooper, William Heaton-
Corbett, Edmund V (ed.)
Cornwall Record Office
Cornwall Vol I
Cornwall Vol II
Correvon, H
Cox, A D M and Kretschmer, H E
Crags for climbing in and around Great Langdale and rock climbing in Buttermere
Craig yr Ysfa
Cram, A G - Editor
Cram, A G (ed.)
Cram, Geoff, Eilbeck, Chris, Roper, Ian
Crampon carrying bag
Crew, Peter
Crimlisk Fisher Archive : Filey Heritage Collection of Photographs
Cross, Alice (1911-2004), nee Nelson, known as Jammy
Cross, Ed
Cross, Sid (1913-1998)
Crowley, Edward Alexander, (1875-1947), known as Aleister
Cumbria Archives Centre Carlisle
Cunningham, John (1927-1980)
Curran, Jim (1943-)
Cuthbertson, Dave, known as Cubby
Cwm Idwal
Cwm Silyn and Tremadoc
Dalton, Millican (1867-1947)
Dance, E W and Eglinton, G
Daniel Talbot, Editor
Dawes, John Andrew George (1964-), known as Johnny
Dead boy
Dean, Steve
Deep Gorge Country
Derbyshire Record Office

Devies, Lucien, Henry, Pierre, Lagarde, Jacques
Dickinson, Leo
Diemberger, Kurt
Dixon, C M
Doctor on Everest
Doe Crags and climbs around Coniston - A climbers guide
Dolphin, Arthur Rhodes (1924-1953)
Doncaster Archives Department
Douglas, Ed
Dow Crag and other Climbs
Dow Crag Great Langdale Outlying Crags
Down Suit
Drasdo, H
Duffle Bag
Dundee University Archives
Dundee University Rucksack Club
Dunne, John (1969-)
Dunsheath, J, Reid, H, Gregory, E & Delany, F
Durham, W E
Dyhrenfurth, G O
Early Travellers in the Alps
East India Company (1600-1834)
East of Himalaya - Mountains and Valleys in Yunnan, Sichuan, south east Tibet and north Myanmar
East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service
East Sussex Record Office
Eastern Crags
Eckenstein, Oscar Johannes Ludwig (1859-1921)
Edgehoppers Climbing Club
Edited by Dodderidge, M
Edited by Geoff Milburn with Derek Walker and Ken Wilson
edited by J H B Bell
edited by J H B Bell.
Edited by J Neill.
Edited by John Hunt
Edited by Jon E. Lewis
Edited by Ken Fyles and Ben Stroude
Edited by Malcolm Milne
edited by Parker, James A
Edited by Pretty, Harry
Edited by Pyatt, Edward C & Noyce, Wilfred
edited by Steeple, E W, Barlow, G, MacRobert, H and Bell, J H B
Edwards, J M
Edwards, J M & Noyce, C W F
Edwards, J M and Barford J E Q
Edwards, John Menlove (1910-1958)
Elementary Mountaineering - A handbook for pupils
Encyclopedia of Mountaineering
Engel, Claire Eliane
England, North Central - sheet 2
Entwistle, Matthew D
Escape to the Hills
Essex University Library
Estcourt, Nicholas John (1942-1978)

Evans, Charles
Evans, Edith
Evans, Robert Charles
Evans, Sir Robert Charles (1918-1995)
Evans, Ulick Richardson, (1889-1980) Metallurgist;
Everest - The Hard Way
Everest 1933
Everest by the West Ridge
Everest Impossible Victory
Everest The Unclimbed Ridge
Everest, Joan (1916-1996)
Everest, Mount
Everest, Sir George (1790-1866)
Eversley, Ruth
Expanding Nut
Expedition box
Eye on Everest
Far, far the mountain peak
Farrar, Captain John Percy
Fawcett on Rock
Fawcett, Ron (1955-)
Fawcett, Ron and Beatty, John
Fearless on Everest : the quest for Sandy Irvine
Fell and Rock Climbing Club
Fell and Rock Climbing Club Journal
Fellowes, P , Blacker, S & Etherton, P
Fifi hook
Filling sample
Film camera
Filming the Impossible
Firbank, Thomas
First on the Summits
First over Everest - the Houston Mount Everest Expedition, 1933
First Steps to Climbing
Fitzwilliam, William Wentworth (1839-1877), Viscount Milton
FIVA - An adventure that went wrong
Fleming, Fergus
Flore Coloriee de Poche, a l'usage du touriste dans les montagnes
Foot Fang
Foot Fangs
Footpath Guides No 37 - The Snowdon Group
Forbes, James David, (1809-1868), Professor
Fortescue, Lady Winifred
Fowler, Michael (1956-), known as Mick
Framed letter
Frankland, Claud Deane (c.1880-1927)
FRCC Climbing Guide - Langdale
Freshfield, William Douglas (1845-1934)
G P Abraham Ltd
Game 'Extreme Rock Climbers'
Game 'Mountain Tour'
Game of Mountain and Chance - stories about mountains and mountaineers
Gardner, Arthur
Gary Hemming - una storia degli anni '60
Geldard, Ed
Geoff Milburn
George Lowe : Letters from Everest
Gifford, Terry
Gillman, Peter & Leni
Give me the Hills
Glacier glasses
Glasgow Glenmore Club
Gloucestershire Mountaineering Club
Gloucestershire Record Office
Glyder Fach Group
Goodwin, Albert (1845-1932), artist
Goredale Scar
Graham, Fergus (1900-1968)
Graham, William Woodman (c.1859-unknown)
Grampian Club
Grange, Robert
Grant, F J
Grant, Francis James (1944-)
Graphic index of maps - Hindu Kush
Graphic index of maps - Karakorum
Gray, Dennis
Great Gable, Borrowdale, Buttermere
Great Gable, Green Gable, Kirkfell, Yewbarrow, Buckbarrow
Great Langdale
Great Moments in Mountaineering
Great True Mountain Stories
Greater Manchester County Record Office
Gregory, Alfred (1913-2010)
Greig, Edvard (fl1892)
Gross, H. S & Thomson, A.R
Gross, Herbert Spencer (?-1943)
Guide to Arran
Guide to Black Rocks and Cratcliffe Tor
Guide to Lakeland's 3000 foot mountains
Guide to trekking in Nepal
Habeler, Peter
Hall, Brian (1951-)
Hall, Richard Laurence (1906-1991)
Hammer holster
Hampshire Record Office
Handbook of the Mountain Rescue Committee
Hands of a Climber - a life of Colin Kirkus
Hankinson, Alan
Hankinson, Alan (1926- 2007)
Hardie, Norman
Harding, P R J and Moulam A J J
Harding, PRJ
Hargreaves, Alan B (1904-1996)
Hargreaves, Albert T (c.1903-1952)
Hargreaves, Alison (1962-1995)
Harrer, Heinrich
Harrison, Ginette (1958-1999)
Harrold, Miss M V, editor
Hartley, Allan
Haston, Dougal

Haston, Stevie
Hattingh, Garth
Hautes Cimes de L'Oisans
Hazards in Mountaineering
Head torch
Heart of Lakeland
Helliwell, Roland
Herford, Siegfried Wedgwood (1891-1916)
Herrligkoffer, Karl M
Hersey, Derek Geoffrey (1956-1993)
Herzog, Maurice
High Adventure
High Drama - Mountain Rescue stories from four continents
High Heaven
High Peak
Hiking boots
Hill Walking and Scrambling
Hillary, Edmund
Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival (1919-2008)
Hills, Lady Rosemary (1908-2004)
Himalaya Adventure
Himalaya Mountains
Himalayan campaign
Himalayan Enchantment
Himalayan Journal
Hindu Kush
Hinkes, Alan
Hinkes, Alan (1954-)
Holland, C. F.
Holmes, Peter
Holmes, Sir Peter Fenwick
Holton, Michael
Home, Gordon
Hooker, Joseph D (1820-1920)
Hours of Exercise in the Alps
Houston Everest Expedition
Humble, B H
Humble, B H & Nimlin, J B
Hunt Report on Mountain Training
Hunt, Henry Cecil John, (1910-1998), Baron Hunt of Llanfairwaterdine
Hunt, John
Hunt, Sir John
Hutchison, Robert A
I'll call you in Kathmandu - the Elizabeth Hawley story
Ice axe
Ice belay
Ice dagger
Ice hammer
Ice hook
Ice piton
Ice screw
Imeson, Barry
In High Places
In Highest Nepal - our life among the Sherpas
In Search of Limits
In Search of Limits - climbing the Alpine 4000m peaks
In the tracks of the Yeti
Independent Radio News
Inglis, C J
Instep crampons
Insulating mat
Into All the World
Introduction to Mountaineering
Invisible on Everest - Innovation and the gear makers
Irvine, Andrew Comyn (1902-1924) known as Sandy
Itching to Climb
Ives, Professor Jack D
Izzard, Ralph
Jackson, Chris
Jackson, Monica & Stark, Elizabeth
James, Barbara
Jammu and Kashmir
Jenkins, Dulcibel
Jenkins, John Rickatson (1913-1947)
Jigsaw Puzzle
Joint Services Expedition to Brabant Island
Jones, Dr Frederick Wilson (1909-1987)
Jones, Griff Rhys
Jones, Humphrey Owen (d.1912)
Jones, Huw Lewis-
Jones, Muriel Gwendolen, nee Edwards (d.1912)
Jones, Owen Glynne (1867-1899)
Journal of the Manchester University Mountaineering Club
Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa
Journey after Dawn - the autobiography of climber/artist Bill Peascod
Julian Alps - Bohinj
Julian Alps - east part
Jumar clamps
Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland
Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland - London Association Bulletin
Junkinson, Bob
K Fellfarers
K Fellfarers and High House
Kahn, Richard Ferdinand (1905-1989), economist
Kamet Conquered
Kamp, Cherie Bremer-
Kane, Alan
Kangchenjunga - the Untrodden Peak
Karabiner Mountaineering Club
Karabiner Mountaineering Club - Songbook 1963
Karabiners on sling
Karakorum - The Ascent of Gasherbrum IV
Karakorum Himalaya Sommets de 7000
Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir (India & Pakistan)
Karrimor - Use and Care Booklet
Kaufmann, Christian (1872-1939)
Keenlyside, F H
Kellas, Alexander Mitchell (1868-1921)
Kellas, Aly
Kellett, Brian Pinder (1914-1944)
Kelly, H M
Kelly, H M - Editor
Kelly, Harry Mills (1884-1980)
Kelly, P & Hoey, G
Kendal Library
Kendal Record Office and Local Studies Library
Ker, William Paton (1855-1923)
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1982
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1983
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1985
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1986
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1987
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1988
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1989
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1990
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1991
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1992
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1995
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1996
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 2000
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 2004
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 2007
Keswick Museum
Kilimanjaro, Mount
Killing Dragons - The Conquest of the Alps
Kinglake, Alexander William (1809-1891)
Kirkpatrick, A
Kirkus, C F
Kirkus, Colin F (1910-1940)
Kishtwar Shivling
Kit bag
Knife blade
Know the Game - Rock Climbing
Kolb, Fritz
Kugy, Julius
La Chaine du Mont Blanc
Ladies Scottish Climbing Club
Lake District
Lake District Discovery Guides - North Lakes
Lake District National Park
Lakeland Holiday
Lakeland Rock Classic Climbs with Chris Bonington
Lambeth Archives Department
Lambeth Palace Library, Manuscripts
Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1984
Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1986
Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1987
Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team - Annual Report 1988
Last Days - A World famous climber challenges the Himalayas' Tawoche and Menlungtse
Lawrence, Jill
Lawrie, Robert
Ledakh Shaksgam
Lees, J R
Lees, J R, Neill, John editor
Lees, John Rodney (1927-2002)
Lenwood, Frank (1874-1934) Congregational Minister and Missionary
Leo Dickinson
Leppert, Tom
Les Alpes Valaisannes
Levi, Jan
Leyden, Albrecht R Von (d.1994)
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College London
Linnell, Maurice (1909-1934)
Littlejohn, Pat (1951-)
Livesey, Peter Michael (1943-1998)
Living on the Edge
Lliwedd Group
London Broadcasting Company
London Metropolitan Archives: Joint Archive Service of the Corporation of London
London Mountaineering Club Journal
London University: Institute of Germanic Studies
London University: Kings College Archives
London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division
London University: School of Oriental and African Studies
Long johns
Longland, Sir John Laurence (1905-1997), known as Jack
Longstaff, Thomas George (1875-1964)
Look at Mountains
Lost Arrow
Lovat, L S
Lovell, Peter
Lowe, George
Lunn, Arnold
Lunn, Sir Arnold
MacBride, Makenzie
MacDonald, Alexander
Macfarlane, Robert
MacInnes, Hamish
MacInnes, Hamish (1931-)
MacIntyre, Alex (1954-1982)
MacKenzie, William M
MacLeod, Dave (1978-)
MacPhee, Dr George Graham (1898-1963)
MacPhee, g Graham
Magdalene College, Cambridge
Mallalieu, Peter
Mallory, George Herbert Leigh (1886-1924)
Mallory, Ruth (1892-1942) nee Turner
Man of Everest - The autobiography of Tenzing

Man on the Matterhorn
Manchester Archives and Local Studies
Manchester Archives and Local Studies: St Paul's Literary & Educational Society
Manchester Pedestrian Club
Manchester University Mountaineering Club
Manchester University Mountaineering Club : Handbook for 1955-56
Manchester University, John Rylands Library
Manchester University, Labour History Archives and Study Centre
Manley, Augustus Frederick (fl.1883-1893)
Maraini, Fosco
Marsden, A D
Marsden, Jill
Marshall, Howard
Marshall, James, known as Jimmy
Mary Evans Picture Library
Mason, Kenneth, editor
Mason, Major Kenneth
Mason, Major Kenneth (1887-1976)
Masters, John
Mathieson, Eric
McCandless, Dr Anne
McDonald, Bernadette
McKeith, Alistair (1945-1978) known as Bugs
McNeish, Cameron & Else, Richard
Meade fly sheet
Meade tent
Meade, C F
Mears, Robert Peel (c.1884-1961)

Men Against Everest
Men, Women and Mountains - days in the Alps and Pyrenees
Merrick, hugh
Messner, Reinhold (1944-)
Mick Burke Memorial Trust
Mid Wales - sheet 22
Middlefell Buttress
Midland Association of Mountaineers
Migot, Andre
Milburn, Geoff
Military mountaineering
Millican Dalton a search for romance and freedom
Millican Dalton: a search for romance and freedom
Milner, C Douglas
Mind has Mountains : Julian Cooper
Minet Library, Lambeth
Modern Mountaineering
Moelwynion - An interim guide to the lower crags
Moffat, Gwen
Moffat, Gwen Mary (1924-)
Moffat, Jerry (1963-)
Monkhouse, Frank & Williams, Joe
Monkhouse, Patrick
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc - An Anthology
Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles
Mont Blanc to Everest
Moon, Ben (1966-)
Moore, A W
Moore, Adolphus Warburton (1841-1887)
Mordecai, David
Morin, Nea
Morris, James Humphrey
Morshead, Frederick (1836-1914)
Mother Lode : Julian Cooper at Brantwood
Moulam, A J J
Mount Everest 1938
Mount Everest Foundation (1953-)
Mountain - Exploring Britain's High Places
Mountain Adventures at Home and Abroad
Mountain Equipment - 50 years in the mountains
Mountain films
Mountain Heritage Trust
Mountain Holidays
Mountain Jubilee
Mountain Leader Training Board
Mountain Madness
Mountain Month - a tale of climbing for boys
Mountain Paths
Mountain Photography - its Art and Technique in Britain and Abroad
Mountain Prospects
Mountain rescue
Mountain Rescue & Cave Rescue
Mountain Rescue : Training Handbook for Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Teams
Mountaineering - From Hill Walking to Alpine Climbing
Mountaineering accidents
Mountaineering expeditions
Mountaineering guides
Mountaineering Holiday
Mountaineering in Britain
Mountaineering, Catalogue of the Graham Brown and Lloyd collections in the National Library of Scotl
Mountaineering, Fell-Walking and books by A Wainwright
Mountains - illustrated library of the earth
Mountains and a Monastery
Mountains and Memsahibs
Mountains and Men
Mountains of Tartary
Mountains of the mind - A history of a fascination
Mountains of the mind: A history of a fascination
Mt Kamet
Mulholland, H
Mummery, A F
Mummery, Albert Frederick (1855-1895)
Munday, Don
Munro Society
Murray, W H
Murray, William Hutchison (1913-1998), known as Bill
Museum of Rock Climbing Protective Devices
My Alpine Album
My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus
My Favourite Mountaineering Stories
Mynydd Climbing Club
Nadin, Simon
Nailed boots
Naismith, W W & Hodge, E W
Naismith, William W (1856-1935)
Nakamura, Tamotsu
Nanda Devi
Nanga Parbat
Napes Needle
National Archives of Ireland
National Army Museum, Department of archives, photographs, film and sound
National Library of Scotland
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Neate, Jill (1934-1993)
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New Zealand Post : first day cover 2003 - Conquest of Everest
Newcastle upon Tyne University: The Robinson Library
Newton Rigg Mountain Activities Club
Nisbet, Andy (1959-)
No Way Down - Life and Death on K2
Noel, Captain J B L
Noel, Captain John Baptist Lucius (1890-1989)
Noel, Sandra
Norgay, Tenzing & Ullman, James Ramsey
Norgay, Tenzing (1914-1986) Sherpa
North Devon Record Office
North London Collegiate School
North Midlands and Lincolnshire - sheet 6
North West Sound Archive
North, F J, Campbell, B and Scott, R
Northern Limestone - Rock Climbs in the Peak, Volume 4
Norton, Edward Felix (1884-1954)
Norton, Lieutenant-Colonel E F
Norway: The Northern Playground
Nothing Venture, Nothing Win
Noyce, C F W & Edwards, J M
Noyce, Cuthbert Wilfrid Frank (1917-1962)
Noyce, Wilfred
Nuneaton Mountaineering Club
Nunn, P J & Woolcock, O
Nunn, Paul
Nunn, Paul James (1943-1995)
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O'Connell, Nicholas
Odell, Professor Noel Ewart (1890-1987)
Old Man of Hoy
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On and off the rocks
On Cambrian and Cumbrian Hills - Pilgrimages to Snowdon and Scafell
On Foot in North Wales
On high hills : Memories of the Alps
On My Home Ground
On Rock and Ice
On Scottish Hills
One Day as a Tiger : Alex Macintyre and the birth of light and fast Alpinism
One Man's Mountains
Oppenheimer, LJ
Oread Mountaineering Club
Oread Mountaineering Club - 50th Anniversary Journal
Osborne, Peter and Rogers, Paul
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Our Everest Adventure - The Pictorial History from Kathmandu to the summit
Outram, Sir James (1864-1924)
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Patey, Thomas Walton (1932-1970)
Patey, Tom
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - 23rd Annual Report 1987
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - 25th Annual Report 1989
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - 27th Annual Report 1991
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - 31st Annual Report 1996
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - 43rd Annual Report 2007
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association - Annual Report 1978
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Peak District - sheet 9
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Peaks and Pleasant Pastures
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Peaks of Silver and Jade
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Peascod, Bill
Peascod, Bill (1920-1985)
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Peissel, Michel
Pembrokeshire Climbing Club
Penrith Survival Equipment Catalogue
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Peruvian Alps
Peter, Libby
Philip Marsden's Climbing Diary 1934-1940
Phillips, Ernest Henry (1922-2011)
Phizacklea, A & Kenyon, R
Pied d'elephant
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Pillar of the Sky
Pillar Rock and Neighbourhood
Pillar Rock and neighbouring climbs - a climbers' guide
Pilley, Dorothy
Pinelli, Carlo alberto and Predan, Gianni
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Playing the Man - a biography of the Mountaineer Captain John Percy Farrar D.S.O
Plus fours
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Postcard - Stirling Lloyd Nanga Parbat Expedition
Postscript to Adventure
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Price, Victor Coverley-
Pritchard, Paul
Programme for Alan Blackshaw's memorial service
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Puttrell, James William (1869-1939)
Pyatt, Edward
Pyatt, Edward C
R F G Hollett & Son
Raeburn, Harold (1865-1926)
Ram on plinth
Rambles in Peakland
Ratti, Abate Achille
Reading University: Museum of English Rural Life
Rebuffat, Gaston
Red Peak
Redfern, Roger A
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Rey, Guido
Rey, Guido, edited by Irving, R L G
Reynolds, Arthur Basil (1903-1960)
Richard Pontvert
Richards, Dorothy Pilley (1894-1986)
Richardson, DM
Riefenstahl, Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" (1902-2003)
Road to Rakaposhi
Robbins, Royal
Robert Lawrie Ltd
Robinson, Anthony M
Robinson, Donald & Greenbank, Anthony
Robinson, Joan Violet (1903-1983), economist
Robinson, Sir Robert (1886-1975) O.M., FRS
Roch, Andre
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Rock Climbers in Action in Snowdonia
Rock climbing
Rock climbing boots
Rock Climbing in Britain
Rock Climbing in England and Wales
Rock Climbing in the Lake District
Rock Climbs at Arrochar
Rock Climbs Glencoe and Ardgour
Rock climbs in the South West - Wye Valley : Wintour's Leap, Symonds Yat, Wyndcliffe
Rock Climbs in the Wye Valley and the Cotswolds
Rock for Climbing
Rock-climbing boots
Rockclimbing - Essential skills and techniques
Rockhoppers Mountaineering Club 1954-2014
Rocky Mountains
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Ron Fawcett - Rock Athlete
Rondoy - An expedition to the Peruvian Andes
Rope Boy
Roper, Joseph I (1893-?)
Roscoe, D T
Roskelley, John
Ross, Paul & Thompson, Michael
Rouse, Alan Paul (1951-1986)
Routes in the Western Himalaya, Kashhmir etc Vol I
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Sauvy, Anne
Sayle, Charles (1864-1924)
Scafell and Wasdale - CB Centenary edition
Scafell Crag
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Schmid, Stephen E
Schomberg, Reginald Charles Francis (1880-1958), explorer, author
Schuster, Claud
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Scott, Douglas Keith (1941-)
Scottish Climbs : Vol 2
Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection
Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide - The Islands of Scotland
Scrambles Amongst the Alps
Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
Search and Rescue Dog Association (English Lake District)- Yearbook 1993
Search and Rescue Dog Association - Report 1985
Selected climbs in the Pennine Alps
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Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books
Seven years in Tibet
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Space Below My Feet
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Stoney Middleton Dale
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Summer Holidays in the Alps 1898-1914
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Summits and Secrets
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Sutton, Geoffrey
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Syrett , John (?-1985)
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Tenderini, Mirella
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Tents in the Clouds
The Airborne Groughounds
The Alpine Annual
The Alps
The Alps from End to End
The Alps in 1864
The Arrow Book of Climbing
The Artists of the Alpine Club - a biographical dictionary
The Ascent of Cabourn
The Ascent of Everest
The Ascent of Nanda Devi
The Ascent of the Matterhorn
The Black Cliff - The history of rock climbing on Clogwyn du'r Arddu
The Black Cuillin - Isle of Skye
The Book of Modern Mountaineering
The Book of Rock Climbing
The Climb - Tragic Ambitions on Everest
The Climber's Fireside Book
The Climber's Handbook
The Climbers - A history of mountaineering
The Climbers Club - Members Handbook 2012/13
The Climbers Handbook
The Climbers' Club
The Climbers' Club Guidebook Centenary Journal
The Climbers' Club Journal
The Complete Mountaineer
The Delectable Mountains
The Dolomites
The Edge - One Hundred Years of Scottish Mountaineering
The Edge : An anthology of climbing adventures
The English Lake District
The English Lakes
The English Outcrops
The Epic of Mount Everest
The Fight for Everest 1924
The first fifty years of the British Mountaineering Council : A political history
The Games Climbers Play
The Great Days
The Great Himalayan Passage - Across the Himalayas by hovercroft
The Great Walking Adventure
The Guinness Book of Mountains and Mountaineering Facts and Feats
The Hard Years
The Hills of Lakeland
The Himalayan Club - List of Members

The Ice Soldiers - Photographs from the 1937 Corporal Ridley group - Mt Kamet Expedition
The Innocent on Everest
The Island of Rhum - A National Nature Reserve
The Island of Skye
The Journal of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club
The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa
The Kandahar Story
The Kangchenjunga Adventure
The Lake Counties
The Lake District
The Lakeland Peaks
The Long Routes - Mountaineering rock climbs in Snowdonia and the Lake District
The Magic of the Dolomites
The Matterhorn
The Mount Everest Expeditions of 1921 and 1922
The Mountain Men - An Early History of Rock Climbing in Wales
The Mountain Summits of England and Wales
The Mountaineer's Companion
The Mountaineer's Week-End Book
The Mountaineering Association - Members' Handbook 1954
The Mountaineering Association - Training Programme 1954
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The Mountaineering Association - Training Programme 1960
The Mountaineering Handbook
The Mountains of Snowdonia
The Mountains of Youth
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The Next Horizon
The Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation - Silver Jubilee Newsletter 1965-1990
The Ordinary Route
The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle Club Journals 1924-2008
The Quellyn Area - an interim guide
The Rambler's and Climber's North Wales
The Route Marking Map of England and Wales
The Rucksack Club Journals 1907-2011
The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide : Island of Skye
The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide : The Western Highlands
The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal
The Shishapangma Expedition
The Spirit of the Hills
The Springs of Adventure
The Story of Everest
The Story of Scotland's Hills
The Technique of Mountaineering
The True Book about Everest
The Unknown Mountain
The Valley of Flowers
The Whillans Sit Harness
The White Spider : the story of the North Face of The Eiger
The Wild Within - climbing the world's most remote mountains
The Wildest Dream - Mallory: His Life and Conflicting Passions
Theatre by the Lake, Keswick
Thermal Inner Suit
Thermal top
This Mountain Life The First Hundred Years of the Rucksack Club
This Mountain Life: The First Hundred Years of the Rucksack Club
Thomas Cook Archives and Library
Thomson, James Merriman Archer (1863-1912)
Thornhill, Henrietta (b.1847)
Three cliffs in Llanberis
Through the Heart of Tibet
Through Tibet to Everest
Tibetan Marches
Tichy, Herbert
Tilley X246B Stormlight
Tilman, H W
Tilman, Harold William (1898-1978), known as Bill
To the Third Pole
Tomasson, Beatrice (1859-1947)
Toole, M A
Touching the Void
Tours in Sikhim and the Darjeeling District
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Triglan National Park, Yugoslavia
Tryfan and Glyder Fach
Tryfan Group
Tucker, J
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Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775-1851)
Tyndale, H E G
Tyndale, John
Tyndall , John (1820-1893)
Tyrol-Dolomites, Venice
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Underhill, Miriam
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Unsworth, Walter
Upon that Mountain
Vale of Severn - sheet 18
Vaucher, Michel
Venables, Stephen M W (1954-)
W H Murray - the evidence of things not seen
Wager, Lawrence Rickard (1904-1965)
Wainwright in the Limestone Dales
Waist belt
Waist Harness
Waist tie
Wakefield, Arthur William (1876-1949)
Wales, North
Walker, Derek (1936-)
Walking and Climbing
Walking in the Lake District
Wall, David
Waller, Ivan Mark (1906-1996)
Wandering Among the High Alps
Ward, Francis Kingdon-
Ward, Michael
Warren, Dr. Charles (1906-1999)
Wasdale - A Celebration in Words and Pictures
Wasdale Head
Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team - Yearbook 1994
Watson, Spence Robert
Watson, Stanley (1904-1980)
Wayfarers' Club
Weber, Sir Hermann (1823-1918)
Weir, Thomas
Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine
Wells, Colin
West Sussex Record Office
West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford
West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds
Western Highlands
Westmacott, Michael Horatio
Westmorland, Horace
Westmorland, Horace (1886-1984), Colonel, known as 'Rusty'
What to see in the English Lakes
Whillance, Pete
Whillans, Donald Desbrow (1933-1985)
Whitehaven Record Office and Local Studies Library
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Whymper, Edward (1840-1911)
Wickham family of Binsted Wyck
Wigan Mountaineering Association
Wild Country Belay Device
Wild Country Quick Draw
Wild Country UK
Wild Lakeland
Williams, Cicely
Williams, Joseph Stewart
Wills, Sir Alfred
Willson, J, Hope, D
Wilson, Edward Adrian (1872-1912)
Wilson, Ken
Wind Suit
Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies
Women on the Rope - the Feminine Share in Mountain Adventure
Wooden wedge
Woollcombe family of Hemerden
Wordsworth Trust
Wordsworth's Guide to the Lakes
Wordsworth, William
Wordsworth, William (1770-1850)
Wright, Jerry E B (1895-1975)
Wylie, Charles Geoffrey
Yates, Simon
Yates, Simon (1963-)
Yes, to dance - essays from outside the stockade
Yonge family of Puslinch
York City Archives Department
Yorkshire Archaeological Centre
Young, Geoffrey Winthrop (1876-1958)
Young, Geoffrey Winthrop-
Younghusband, Sir Francis
Younghusband, Sir Francis Edward (1863-1942)