Mick Burke Collection

The latest collection to be added to those already held by MHT is that of Mick Burke, noted alpinist and film cameraman who sadly disappeared in a storm on Mount Everest in 1975.  The collection comprises slides (and an index … [more]

Peck Climbing Equipment goes on display

Thanks to a recent donation from Derek Gamble Managing Director of Peck Climbing Equipment, a variety of items including crackers, chocks, peg-pitons, bandoliers and the noted MacInnes Terrordactyl is currently on display at Charlotte Mason Library, University of Cumbria, Ambleside.  … [more]

Echoes from the Crags

MHT have just added another interview to its oral history project – Echoes from the Crag with Leo Dickinson, an adventure film maker who filmed the solo ascent of Eric Jones on the North Face of the Eiger as well as … [more]

New exhibition space

MHT are thrilled to announce the forthcoming availability of a new exhibition space for displaying items from our mountain heritage collections within Keswick Museum.  Following confirmation from the Heritage Lottery Fund of their support of the Enhancement Project for Keswick Museum, … [more]

1922 Olympic medal on Everest

Kenton Cool’s expedition to Mount Everest later this year with the 1922 Olympic medal awarded to Dr Arthur Wakefield highlights the huge value of mountain heritage.  It also sees Kenton honouring a promise originally made by Deputy Leader Lt Colonel Strutt to take a … [more]

The MacIntyre Years – Doing More with Less

John Porter, acclaimed mountaineer, founder of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival and former MHT trustee, will be at ShAFF to give a short lecture on the 10th March at midday before hosting ShAFF’s first ever charity auction in support of … [more]

New Blog

Dan Smith, University of Northumberland design student is in the process of creating a new everywhere jacket, based on that worn by George Mallory on his expedition to Everest in 1924.  The jacket is a work in progress and it’s … [more]

Sir Chris on BBC Radio Cumbria

Sir Chris speaks on BBC Radio Cumbria about launch of Bonington archive The interview starts at 2:20:11

Bonington Collection now open

MHT are delighted to announce that the Bonington Collection is now open to the general public thanks to funding received from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the BMC. The papers include expedition documents, correspondence, press cutting scrapbooks and manuscript drafts of … [more]

Cutting the rope

It seems the over dramatisation of climbing events struck a chord with the 1953 Everest expedition deputy leader, Sir Charles Evans.  In his “Eye on Everest” sketchbook, published in 1955, Evans features a sketch of the film director, shooting footage in and around Helyg, … [more]