The Mountain Heritage Trust cares for collections dating from around 1913 to the present day. Collections contain the records of prominent mountaineers and organisations relating to climbing and mountaineering.

Page from Antartex brochure, photo of K2 expedition members 1978, J Tasker collection © EWM

Page from Antartex brochure, photo of K2 expedition members 1978, J Tasker collection © EWM

Collections in alphabetical order include:

  • Records of Flight Lieutenant Ted Atkins
  • George Band Collection – copies of diaries from 1953 Everest expedition and 1955 Kangchenjunga expedition
  • Giles Barker (1956-1992) – draft manuscript, papers and audio recordings of interviews relating to the history of climbing in the Peak District
  • Sir Chris Bonington (1934-) – expedition reports, correspondence, draft manuscript, newspaper cuttings; full catalogue available here.
  • British Nepalese Expedition
  • RF Buckley
  • John Bull Collection – documents relating to sledge and ski design, and cave rescue
  • Mick Burke (1941-1975) – photographs, file of expedition notes
  • Records of the Cambrian Mountaineering Group
  • Brian Cropper (1947-) – photographic record of climbers from the 1970s and 1980s
  • Jim Curran Collection
  • Alan Day Collection relating to Black’s
  • Nick Estcourt diaries
  • Sir Charles Evans (1918-1995) – correspondence from 1952 Everest and 1955 Kangchenjunga expeditions
  • Peter Gillman – research papers and articles relating to Julie Tullis and Alison Hargreaves amongst others and background material on “Everest Anthology
  • Frank Grant Collection
  • David Haffner Collection – photographs, reminiscences and films
  • Richard Hall – photographs
  • Rita Hallam – postcards, letters, press cuttings
  • Ed Hammond – photographs largely taken by the Abraham Brothers of Keswick during the early 20th century
  • Alan Hankinson (1926-2007) – audio interviews with Everest mountaineers and Lakeland climbers
  • Siegfried Herford Collection
  • Alan Hinkes audio recordings
  • Records relating to ICAS
  • International Festival of Mountaineering Literature – records of this organisation spanning 18 years
  • Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine (1902-1924) – newspaper scrapbook compiled by his niece
  • Dick Jackson Collection
  • Joint Services Expedition
  • Kendal Mountain Festival CIC film submissions and associated papers from 2008-ongoing
  • Johnnie Lees (1927-2002) – photographs, papers, kit and clothing relating to RAF Mountain Rescue and climbing with Gwen Moffat
  • Pat Littlejohn – harness notes and 1975 Everest footage
  • Tom Longstaff (1875-1964) – audio interview with this mountaineer
  • Neil Mather Collection
  • Ian McNaught-Davis – diaries
  • John Millar – research relating to Frank Smythe
  • Mountain Film Festival Ltd – film submissions and associated papers from 1999-2007
  • Jill Neate – research notes
  • Paul Nunn Collection
  • Dek Palmer Collection
  • Ernie Phillips – photographs and song sheet
  • Audrey Salkeld – papers and catalogues relating to film festivals
  • W Stringer lantern slides
  • Ken Smith Collection – biographies of climbers and mountaineers, Seathwaite Farm visitors’ book, mountain accidents scrap book, films relating to 1953 Everest expedition
  • Joe Tasker (1948-1982) – papers, correspondence, press cuttings and photographs; full catalogue available here.
  • Alan Tritton – Barclays Bank sponsorship of Mount Everest expedition 1975
  • Stanley Watson – photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to climbing activity and making of climbing film
  • Rusty Westmorland – research notes relating to Rusty Westmorland’s life
  • Joe Williams (1918-1979) – photographs of climbing activity in the Lake District dating from 1930s
  • Ken Wilson Collection
  • Michael Woods – Mountain leadership training log, photographs, postcard
  • JEB Wright Collection
  • Simon Yates (1963-) – draft manuscript and editorial comments relating to Flame of Adventure

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