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Noyce, Cuthbert Wilfrid Frank (1917-1962)
Noyce, Cuthbert Wilfrid Frank  (1917-1962)
Schoolmaster Noyce was one of a select band of British climbers operating at high standards in the Alps in the 1930s. He was also renowned for his climbing speed and mountaineering stamina, once undertaking 1370m of non-stop solo rock climbing in North Wales in 1942. After the war, Noyce continued undertaking difficult routes in the Alps, and began visiting the Greater Ranges, making the first ascents of the Himalayan peaks of Machapuchare and Trivor. He was also a member of the successful 1953 Everest expedition and helped break the route through to the South Col. Closely associated with the charismatic Liverpool rock climber Menlove Edwards, he helped the latter compile guidebooks to the Welsh mountains of Tryfan and Lliwedd before the war and undertook some significant first ascents. Noyce was also celebrated as a talented writer and poet and produced several successful books. He was killed climbing in the Pamirs in 1962.
Further reading: South Col, Wilfrid Noyce, 1954
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Noyce, Cuthbert Wilfrid Frank (1917-1962)
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