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Cuthbertson, Dave, known as Cubby
Cuthbertson, Dave, known as Cubby
For the past two and a half decades the name of Dave ‘Cubby’ Cuthbertson has been synonymous with the cutting edge of Scottish climbing, whether it be on extreme rock or steep ice. Even in today’s highly competitive environment there are few climbers who have excelled in all departments of British climbing to the degree that Cubby has. This achievement is all the more remarkable when one realises that, although he has climbed all over the world, the main focus of his pioneering has been in the meteorologically-challenging Highlands of Scotland. During the 1970s & 80s he undertook many bold new climbs which heralded a new level of difficulty hitheto unseen north of the border. And it is to the Highlands that, after spending a number of years in the sport climbing and competition scene, Cuthbertson returned to live in Glencoe and establish a series of fine routes in the traditional mould of Scottish climbing. More recently, together with his talented climbing partner and wife, Joanna George, Cubby has begun an additional career as a mountain photographer and journalist, adding to his portfolio of other ‘climbing jobs’, such as safety consultant for films and TV series.
Standout climbs: Wild Country E6/7 6b (1979); Elliot’s Downfall VI (1979); Prophet of Purism E6 6a (1981); Sky Pilot E6 6b/c (1982); Stormy Petrel VII (1983); Requiem E8 6b (1983); Gone With the Wind E7 6b (1984); Guerdon Grooves IX (1984); Femme Fatale E8 6c (1986); The Railway Children F7c (1987); The Screaming Ab Dabs E6/7 (1988); County Ethics E7/8 7a (1989); Symbiosis E8 6b (1996); Conquistador E7 7a (1997); Pabbay Arch E7 7a (1997); Angel E7 6b (1998); The Duel IX (1999)
Further viewing: The Edge, 100 years of Scottish Climbing dir. Richard Else, BBC/Triple Echo
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Cuthbertson, Dave, known as Cubby