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Young, Geoffrey Winthrop (1876-1958)
Young, Geoffrey Winthrop (1876-1958)
Baronet’s son and sometime poet Young was a leading British alpinist before the Great War, and during the conflict itself displayed incredible courage in the Italian Tyrol where he was to lose a leg to shellfire while driving ambulances. This didn’t stop him climbing and with the aid of a personally designed prosthetic attachment afterwards, he even climbed the Matterhorn in 1935. Before and after the First World War Young organised Easter or Xmas parties in Snowdonia which proved extremely influential in drawing together the leading young climbers and develop climbing in Wales. His main legacy derives, however, from his organisational and hustling ability to make things happen on an institutional basis. He persuaded the Climbers' Club to produce the first modern pocket sized rock-climbing guidebooks in Britain in 1909 for example. His most lasting achievement, however is probably lies in his being the driving force behind the creation of the British Mountaineering Council as an umbrella group for the formerly disparate climbing clubs of England & Wales. A friend and admirer of the great German educationalist Kurt Hahn, Young was also influential as an educator, playing a part in establishing the ethos of such institutions as Gordonstoun and Outward Bound as well as helping to found the first modern outdoor education centre at White Hall in Derbyshire.

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Young, Geoffrey Winthrop (1876-1958)
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