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Moore, Adolphus Warburton (1841-87)
Moore was one of the greatest of the Victorian alpinists. Despite his busy life as a senior civil servant with the India Office, he contrived to make many first, or early ascents of many of the most difficult peaks during the ‘Golden Age’ of Alpine climbing. His banner years were 1864 & 1865 when, together with Edward Whymper & Horace Walker he made a total of nine first ascents, including the tricky Obergabelhorn of Switzerland, and the intimidating Brenva Face of Mont Blanc. The latter climb took place just a day after Edward Whymper’s truimphant but disastrous ascent of the Matterhorn and it is often said that just as Whymper’s climb marked the close of the ‘Golden Age’ of classical alpine peak bagging, Moore’s climb on Mont Blanc opened a new era of more difficult climbing, seeking out more challenging lines to the summits. Moore was also a pioneer of climbing in the Caucasus, making the first ascents of Kasbeck and the East Summit of Elbruz.
Further reading: The Alps in 1864, Adolphus Moore, 1867.
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Moore, Adolphus Warburton (1841-1887)