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Nadin, Simon
Nadin, Simon
It’s been said that Simon Nadin is ‘every mother-in-law's dream: a lovely bloke with all the necessary attributes for a British rock star’. Modest and unassuming, he was an unlikely world champion at the first ever indoor climbing championships In 1989. Simon's reputation grew from his cool headed first ascents and early repeats on the gritstone outcrops surrounding his Buxton home. He followed this up by some almost unbelievable solos of some of the hardest routes, whilst preparing for the competition circuit.
Simon's training programme was strangely out of step with modern times, consisting of training 'heavy' through the winter; drinking beer and then some more beer. He has inspired respect for the way in which he always seems able to pull off good ascents after long lay-offs. His TV appearance, climbing the classic extreme Froggat Edge route Beau Geste, was typically Nadinesque, a stylish ascent with nothing to say to the cameras. Without ever seeming to ‘sell out’ he made a nice living from sponsorship. These days he is to be found in the quiet backwaters of Derbyshlre enjoying fatherhood.
Standout climbs: Barriers in Time, Thing on a Spring, Paralogism and Painted Rumour (Roaches, Staffordshire), Dangerous Crocodile Snogging and Never, Never Land (Ramshaw, Staffordshire) and Master of Reality and B4XS (Hen Cloud, Staffordshire) as well as his important additions in the Churnet Valley, most notably Inaccessible (Ina's Rock, Churnet); Menopause 6b, Stoney Middleton (solo). World Climbing Champion 1989.
Biographical information is kindly supplied by Colin Wells. Additional information courtesy of Andi Turner.
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Nadin, Simon