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Nunn, Paul James (1943-1995)
Nunn, Paul James (1943-1995)
‘Tall Paul’ was one of the stars of the Alpha Club - a kind of 1960s successor to the Rock and Ice club of Joe Brown & Don Whillans fame - and during the late 50s and early 60s he was one of the leading rock climbers in the Peak, Wales and the Lakes. However Nunn (whose day job was as a lecturer in Social History at Sheffield’s Hallam University) was a renaissance man and hungry to try all types of climbing. He made new winter routes in Scotland and was a great aficionado of the Alps and Greater Ranges. Such was hisenthusiasm that he missed only one alpine season between 1961 and 1987. Perhaps his greatest interest lay in the Himalaya & Karakorum where, despite persistent problems with acclimatisation, he made many climbs, including a winter attempt on Everest in 1980. Despite all this activity, he still found time to serve on UIAA committees, be President of the BMC and be co-proprietor and associate editor of Mountain magazine. Although many thought the big cuddly bear of a climber was indestructible, he was caught by a collapsing serac along with his partner Geoff Tier after making the first ascent of Haramosh 2 in the Karakorum.
Standout climbs: Mephistopheles, Plagiarism, Revisionist, Nexus, Emerald Gully.
Further reading: At the Sharp End, Paul Nunn. Unwin, 1987

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Nunn, Paul James (1943-1995)
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