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Patey, Thomas Walton (1932-1970)
Patey, Thomas Walton (1932-1970)
Accordian-touting, doggerel-spouting, song and dance and rock and ice man, Patey was the ceilidh animal of the Highlands in the 50s and 60s. The popular doctor is widely credited with reviving interest in Cairngorm climbing in the 50s, opening everyone’s eyes to the potential of the north-west Highlands and, despite suffering from the finger-numbing Raynauds syndrome, making breakthrough post-War winter climbs and starting the trend towards mixed winter climbing. And all this in spite of pursuing a highly successful career as a GP. On top of all this, he was a highly talented comic writer and satirist. It is a measure of the affection and respect with which Patey was generally held that he was able to identify with climbing’s counter-culture through his comic writing, while managing to avoid alienating the very Establishment figures he was satirising. One of Patey’s passions was exploring and climbing remote Scottish sea-stacks, and it was while abseiling from one of these that he died in a tragic accident in 1970.
Standout climbs: Parallel Gully B (V), Parallel Buttress (V), Eagle Ridge (V), Sticil Face (V, Zero Gully (V), Last Post (V), Diadem (IV), Crab Crawl (IV-solo), Winter Traverse, Cuillin Ridge (IV), The Old Man of Hoy (HVS), The Nose Direct, Fuar Tholl (VS-solo).

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Patey, Thomas Walton (1932-1970)