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Mortlock, Colin
Mortlock, Colin
Colin Mortlock is a proven innovator and explorer having spent a life time seeking adventure and a career devoted to education. Much of his work has been in the Lakes, his spiritual home. These include the creation of The National Association for Outdoor Education (first Chairman), the Ambleside Area Adventure Association (The 4 A's) — a charity to provide adventure and environmental activities for local people of all ages at minimal cost and the Lakes Community Outdoor Project— a charity to provide building resources for the community (pre-lottery) and the Adventure and Environmental Awareness Group (see website). Colin is a highly skilled and accomplished climber and kayaker, often feels at comfortable with the challenge of solo adventures in the mountains or at sea. Colin has an international reputation as both speaker and writer, focusing on the values and contribution of adventure in a materialistic world. His first book, The Adventure Alternative, published in 1984, is recognised as a classic. Beyond Adventure (2001) has also been well received. The Spirit of Adventure completes the trilogy. Its messages resonate with students and teachers, teachers, outdoor enthusiasts and business leaders who care and want to make a difference. Colin Mortlock's work picks up the reins from progressive educationalist Kurt Hahn and propels deep thinking further into the twenty-first century. A Spirit of Adventure Foundation is now being established as a charity to promote the values within the book. This organisation will be open to everyone worldwide and it is intended to launch it officially in 2010.
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