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Porter, John
Porter, John
An American by birth, John Porter climbed as a teenager in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, before serving his mountain apprenticeship in the Rockies and Yosemite. From the University of Oregon, did post graduate studies at the University of Leeds in the early 1970’s, climbing with a talented group based at or associated with the university club - Brian Hall, Roger Baxter Jones, Al Rouse, Alex MacIntyre, Joe Tasker, John Syrett and many more from America and Europe. With various friends - Pete Boardman, Voytek Kurtyka (Poland), Rene Ghilini (France) and MacIntyre - he made pioneering light weight ascents including winter traverse of the Tatra (1976), NE Face of Bandaka (1977), the S. Buttress of Changabang (1978), S. Face Ranrapulka (1979), West Ridge of Everest in Winter (1980/81), S.E Ridge Tarke Kang (1982), etc. His best friend MacIntyre was killed while they were attempting a new route on the S. Face of Annapurna on their 1982 trip, just months after Boardman and Tasker vanished on Everest. In 1986, he joined a team with Alan Rouse to attempt the unclimbed NW Ridge of K2. Rouse and 12 others were to perish on the mountain that year. Trips to Garhwal, the Karakorum, Africa, Tibet and Greenland have filled the years between. He lives with his wife and two daughters in the Lake District, working as a free lance consultant. He has been active in the development of mountain culture projects, creating the Kendal Mountain Festival, the Mountain Heritage Trust and the British National Mountaineering Exhibition. He is working on a book which covers the MacIntyre years and the generation that nearly climbed itself into extinction.
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