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Captain Noel's cine camera - a 35mm Newman Sinclair Camera. According to the catalogue, this was used in the 1922 Everest expedition, not the 1924 expedition. Although the camera is part of the NMM collection, it actually lives in the photography gallery at the Science Museum in London. This is a legacy of the fact that when this museum was founded, the core of the collections came from the Science Museum, and they retain a gallery on photography. This gallery includes a case on expeditions containing a Hassalbad space camera, and 2 cameras used by Herbert Ponting, amongst others. It also contains Doug Scott's Olympus OMI camera.

Within the Daily Herald Photographic Archive (c.1932-1970) are subject folders including one on climbing/mountaineering, filed under Sport. It contains images of climbing activity, walks and the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team.

There is also a substantial deposit of black and white photographs by Walter Poucher, which had been presented to the Royal Photographic Society.
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Everest, Mount
Mountaineering expeditions
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
Noel, Captain John Baptist Lucius (1890-1989)
Poucher, William Arthur (1891-1988)
Scott, Douglas Keith (1941-)
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