Entity Type:
Magdalene College, Cambridge
Mountain Heritage collections:
F/GM Mallory papers, (1905-1999), 7 boxes. Predominantly correspondence with his wife Ruth. Also contains exam papers, teaching notes, notes for speeches and draft articles on climbing, account of Everest expedition (1922).
Diaries of Dorothy E. Pilley-Richards and material relating to climbs made
by her and her husband I.A. Richards in North Wales, the Swiss Alps, China,
and the Rockies. There are also related photographs.
Contact details:
Archivist: Dr. Ronald Hyam
Postal address:
College Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge
Telephone number:
01223 332100
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2006-08-06 00:00:00
Maxine Willett
Access Points:
Everest, Mount
Magdalene College, Cambridge
Mallory, George Herbert Leigh (1886-1924)
Mallory, Ruth (1892-1942) nee Turner
Richards, Dorothy Pilley (1894-1986)
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