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North West Sound Archive
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Various radio interviews with mountaineers about climbing and expeditions
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Andrew Schofield
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Old Stewards Office, Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe, Lancashire
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01200 427897
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01200 427897
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2006-08-06 00:00:00
Maxine Willett
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Boardman, Peter David (1950-1982)
Mountaineering expeditions
North West Sound Archive
Tasker, Joseph Thomas (1948-1982)
Whillans, Donald Desbrow (1933-1985)
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230 : Down Suit
231 : Triplex boots
273a : Fleece Jacket
273b : Jumper
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273d : Oxygen mask and Regulator
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274a : Box tent
274b : Box tent inner
274c : Box tent poles
274d : Breeches
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301a : Sleeping Bag
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B004 : The Ascent of Everest
B008 : Lakeland Rock Classic climbs with Chris Bonington
B021 : A Brief History of British Mountaineering
B032 : Encyclopedia of mountaineering
B033 : Mountains of the mind - A history of a fascination
B037 : Eye on Everest
B050 : The Fight for Everest 1924
B052 : Tents in the Clouds
B055 : The Ascent of the Matterhorn
B056 : Great Moments in Mountaineering
B093 : Living on the Edge
B094 : The Ice Soldiers - Photographs from the 1937 Corporal Ridley group - Mt Kamet Expedition
P033 : The Whillans Sit Harness
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Boardman, Peter David (1950-1982)
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