Boardman Tasker Award

What would be a suitable memorial?

Within a year of the tragedy of Joe and Pete’s deaths, a small group of friends and family met to discuss the idea of a means of remembrance. Pete and Joe were not only pioneering mountaineers but also talented writers. The Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature, as it is now known, was created to celebrate the memory of Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker by inspiring others.
The submission requirements for the prize are that each entry must be a published book with a mountain, not necessarily a mountaineering, theme; can be fiction or non-fiction; drama or poetry and must be written in or translated into the English language. The prize is an annual award of £3,000.
The first award was made in 1983 and since that time there have been competitions each year with entries increasing to around 40. It is acknowledged as one of the foremost mountain literature awards today.
Members of Joe and Pete’s families have sat on the panel and organising committee alongside people from the fields of mountaineering and literature. Fundraising efforts have been very well supported and the Award goes from strength to strength.

Books published by Pete Boardman:
The Shining Mountain (1978) Sacred Summits (1982)
Books published by Joe Tasker:
Savage Arena (1982) Everest, the Cruel Way (1981)


Boardman Tasker Fund fundraising flyer, 1982, Joe Tasker Collection


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