From your loving Mother

Betty Tasker made sure to write to Joe every week during his expeditions, allowing Joe to keep up to date with family news.

During the course of all of Joe’s expeditions, Betty Tasker would ensure to write to her son. Letters were sent on a regular basis to keep Joe up to date with family life and world events, as well as Birthday and Christmas cards if Joe was away at that time. A common theme throughout all the letters would be the daily events of family life, whether it was a family gathering for Mother’s day or visits from Joe’s siblings. Betty would ensure to tell Joe about all the media attention Joe was receiving, especially in the Telegraph. There was a definite sense of pride throughout the Tasker household whenever Joe, and his team, were mentioned.

Betty would also include details of attending mass, and that Joe and his team were in her prayers. Being from a strong Catholic family, it was important for their faith to reach out to Joe, especially during troubling times. In one letter, Betty included a hymn which she thought relevant for Joe’s expedition.