Joe Tasker kept in touch with his family and friends through letters and postcards while on expeditions.

However, this was not always as easy as it sounds. Being in extremely remote areas with unpredictable winter weather meant waiting days and weeks for someone to be available to deliver mail to the nearest post office or air strip. In his early days of climbing, he had to rely on friends, porters, runners, and other climbers he came in contact with to transport mail. When there was an opportunity for mail to go out, Joe would take a moment out of his day to write a quick note to his parents to let them know he was doing well. The mail was often delayed by weather or the availability of pilots. In later expeditions, such as Everest, mail runners were hired to carry post back and forth to the airport in Lukla, Nepal. This airport was built in 1968 as a “gateway” for getting gear and mail to Everest Base Camp and is considered one of the world’s most dangerous airports. Today, there is a post office tent at Everest Base Camp for climbers and tourists to send postcards to family and friends.