Savage Arena

Savage Arena is Joe’s second book and is about a number of his adventures; a medley of descriptions of climbs and trips and personal feelings.

Joe had left the manuscript for this book with his publishers just prior to leaving for, what turned out to be, his last expedition. This 1982 expedition to Everest ended tragically with the disappearance of Joe and Pete Boardman only 300 metres from the summit.

He and Pete both had successful careers ahead as inspirational writers as well as climbers, which is recognised by the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature set up in their memories.

“As someone who has sampled Joe Tasker’s ‘savage arena’, who knows the risks and has experienced the exhaustion and the fears, I finished reading this book with a feeling of respect and affection for a person who had achieved greatness by discovering humility, in the hardest of schools: on a mountain” John Hunt.

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