The Alps 1973

Joe spent a summer season in the Alps with his climbing partner Dick Renshaw in 1973.

“After coming down from the Triolet, I emerged from the woods into the glaring sunlight of the camp site and found myself face to face with a familiar figure, blanched and bony, propped against a fir tree. Next day we were walking up the Leschaux glacier to the Walker Spur” (Dick Renshaw).

So commenced Joe and Dick’s 1973 summer in the Alps. This was one of the best seasons ever achieved by a British rope and was all the more notable in view of the long spells of bad weather with which they had to contend. Climbs included the Walker Spur, the Bonatti/Gobbi Route on the Grand Pilier d’Angle, the North Face of the Nesthorn, the North Face of the Dent Blanche, the 1938 Route on the Eigerwand (North Face of the Eiger) and the first British ascent (and third ever) of the Cecchine/Nomine Route on the Grand Pilier d’Angle.

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