Onwards and Upwards

Funding from the Northern Rock Foundation for a project entitled ‘Onwards and Upwards: The Archive of Ascent’ enabled MHT’s archivist, Maxine Willett, to contact all UK based climbing clubs to assess exactly what records/artefacts exist, where they are held, the condition they are in and whether there is any existing information on club holdings. An element of the project involved visiting some of the clubs to help compile a descriptive list and offer advice on preservation issues. Working with the clubs now will ensure that their history is preserved and available to be used in centenary celebrations and beyond.

Members of the Eden Valley Mountaineering Club

Members of the Eden Valley Mountaineering Club

This project is by no means complete and we would welcome annual updates from all climbing clubs.

Email: maxine@mountain-heritage.org Tel: 01768 840911

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