Meet the Climbers: Athletes to Watch in the Paris Olympics

Here's the revised version with that bit improved: As the Paris Olympics draw nearer, anticipation is building for the return of climbing as an Olympic sport. With athletes from around the world gearing up to compete on the world stage, all eyes are on the climbers who will vie for Olympic glory. In this article, we introduce you to some of the top contenders expected to make waves at the Paris Games.

Adam Ondra (Czechia)  

Widely regarded as one of the greatest climbers of all time, Adam Ondra is a force to be reckoned with in both lead climbing and bouldering. With numerous World Cup titles and first ascents of some of the world's hardest routes to his name, Ondra is a frontrunner for Olympic gold and a true ambassador for the sport. In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Ondra showcased his world-class talent, although he fell just short of the podium, placing sixth in the men’s combined event. He has not yet qualified, though, so there is work for him to do.

Toby Roberts (UK)  

Toby Roberts, a rising star in the UK climbing scene, has been making significant strides in competitive climbing, with many impressive wins in the 2023 season. Known for his dynamic style and strong competitive results, Roberts is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the sport. As he prepares for the Paris Olympics, his determination and skill set position him as a strong contender, ready to challenge the established names and vie for Olympic recognition.

Jakob Schubert (Austria)  

A favourite in the climbing world, Jakob Schubert has consistently shown why he’s among the top competitors. His excellent track record in competitions and his ability to perform under pressure make him a serious candidate for the podium in Paris.

Alex Megos (Germany)  

Alex Megos, a standout climber from Germany, is renowned for his exceptional strength and precision on the rock. With a history of impressive achievements, including quick ascents of some of the world’s toughest routes, Megos is a strong contender at the Paris Olympics. His innovative climbing techniques and resilience in competitive settings make him a potential medallist and a thrilling competitor to watch. In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Megos performed commendably, finishing in the top ten.

Janja Garnbret (Slovenia)  

Janja Garnbret has completely dominated the women’s competition in recent years, from Gold at the last Olympics in Tokyo to consistently winning every lead, boulder, and combined event on the World Cup circuit. With another strong showing in the World Cup season so far, all eyes are on her for the top spot.

Natalia Grossman (USA)  

Natalia Grossman is one of the few athletes who has come close to challenging Janja in recent years. She’s been training hard for the Olympics, and as an experienced competitor, she will be sure to push Janja, ready to take advantage of any chinks in her armour.

Miho Nonaka (Japan)  

Miho Nonaka brings a wealth of experience and a unique style to the competition. As a veteran climber with numerous accolades, Nonaka is expected to be a strong contender at the Paris Olympics, where her performance could easily see her on the podium.

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