Since moving to our new archive at Blencathra we have acquired a huge amount of significant materials which document much of Britain's climbing and mountaineering history. For a full catalogue list, or to request access, please get in touch.

Chorley Hopkinson Library at Allan Bank

An outstanding collection of climbing and mountaineering books built up over three generations of the Chorley family beginning in the mid-nineteenth century.


Joe Tasker (1948 - 1982)

The papers and writings of one of mountaineering’s most iconic figures, Joe Tasker, were made available following a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Grant of £40,400.



We house over 400 items including important and historic examples of climbing equipment comprising boots, ice axes, clothing, nuts, pitons, karabiners, harnesses, rucksacks, skis and crampons.


Journals and Magazines

Journals and magazines were once the lifeblood of the community, every major club and organisation had one. Early journals such as the Alpine Journal were fundamental to both recording the proceedings of a club and maintaining up to date on what was being climbed.


Chris Bonington Papers

Papers of Sir Chris Bonington, one of Britain’s most outstanding mountaineers and expedition leaders, are now available and open to the general public.


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