Man + Mountain: Learning Resources

Following our Heritage Lottery Funded project, we've developed a range of learning resources appropriate for KS1 and KS2 that provide teaching ideas, sequences, pupil activities and worksheets which are all linked to the National Curriculum.

These online resources can also link to Project Boxes containing climbing clothing and equipment from different ages which bring excellent hands-on investigations and interactive opportunities into the classroom. All the web resources are available to download from this page, and project boxes can be requested by getting in contact with us through the contact form.

Introduction and Resource Overview

Further information and overviews about the resources available and where they might best fit in to your lessons. Download here.

Chris Bonington: A Life of Adventure

An introductory PowerPoint presentation which provides a useful overview of Chris Bonington's life. This is a great way to start any of the topics listed below. Download here.

Guided Reading Book

This pack can be used with small groups for guided reading.  It is most suitable for year 5 and 6 although able readers in Year 3 and 4 will enjoy it too. It follows the life of Chris Bonington and is chronologically organised.  There are also factual sections about high mountain environments that give extra background information to the biographical content. The accompanying learning activities can be download here. Please get in touch with us via the contact form to order copies of the non-fiction guided reading book.

Meet Our Local Hero

This pack of sessions can be used together as shown here or separately as individual lessons focusing on PSHE or Design and Technology. Download here.

Mighty Mountains

Find out through practical activity about the high mountains Chris Bonington has climbed and how they have formed through movement of the Earth’s crust. Download here.

Quest for Adventure

This resource considers the effect of more people exploring the world on their own ‘quests for adventure’. In groups, pupils will look for similarities and differences between pressure on the landscape in the Lake District and on Everest. Download here.

Grubs Up!

This pack uses Chris Bonington's life and expeditions to high mountains to investigate survival challenges for humans in high mountain environments and the importance of looking after our world. Download here.

Other Resource Boxes Available

Mountain Games and Activity Boxes
Quiz, jigsaws and printable activities to accompany the lesson resources above. Download here.
Climbing Gear Box
The climbing gear in this resource box is a mixture of older and more modern equipment and the information cards can be used to explain what each item is. Download here.

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