David (Monty) Monteith


DAVID (MONTY) MONTEITH, is a retired teacher and mountaineering instructor who lives on the East Fellside of the Eden Valley, home of the notorious Helm Wind. He has spent much of his life climbing, skiing, and walking in the British Isles, Antarctica, Africa, the European Alps, New Zealand, Norway, and the USA. He now contents himself with the mountains of Britain with an occasional foray overseas. David has served on the committee of the Association of Mountaineering instructors and on the board of Mountaineering Scotland as Director of Mountain Safety and Training. He is a keen photographer and has a collection of mountaineering books and memorabilia. Ski-touring and off-piste skiing has taken a lot of his time over the last fifteen years. He is a member of the Lake District Ski Club, and he lives in hope of another good British winter to fulfil his ski-touring aspirations before global warming takes effect.

David (Monty) Monteith

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