21 years later - Mr Frostbite remembers

April and May 2020 sees the 21st Anniversary of Nigel Vardy's life-changing climb on Mt McKinley in Alaska.

Nigel Vardy, Mt McKinley, 1999. Copyright Nigel Vardy.

Climbing the West Rib with two friends was a huge undertaking which ended in a record breaking helicopter rescue after a freezing storm smashed onto the peak.

Expedition base camp, 1999. Copyright Nigel Vardy.

Severe frostbite took its toll and changed Nigel's life forever.

Nigel Vardy in hospital with severe frostbite following the expedition, 1999. Copyright Nigel Vardy.

Starting from 30th April, Nigel will be reading daily excerpts from his expedition diary, sharing his story and feelings from those mountain days of 21 years ago. He will be posting to youtube, his Mr Frostbite website and via social media. We'll also be posting regular pointers to new posts via our social media on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Nigel Vardy is an Ambassador for the Mountain Heritage Trust and is also known as the motivational speaker and educator Mr Frostbite.

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