Celebrating a Century at Shrewsbury School

The Mountain Heritage Trust was delighted to support Shrewsbury School at its recent expedition and event to celebrate the centenary of the 1924 Everest expedition which featured its former pupil, Sandy Irvine, who perished on the mountain with George Mallory. The replica climbing kit which was exhibited, and which is held in the MHT archives, was recreated from the fabrics found on Mallory’s body in 1999 in a significant project led by Mike Parsons and Mary B. Rose. Other exhibits were supplied by Merton College, Oxford and Magdalene College, Cambridge, and film footage was supplied by the Alpine Club.

In addition to the exhibition, a commemorative event was held in the School’s Alington Hall which was attended by prominent mountaineers and experts to reflect on the 1924 Everest Expedition. These included Sir Chris Bonington, Alan Hinkes OBE, Leo Houlding, Julie Summers, Dr Charles Clarke and Dr Adam Booth. MHT Chair, Ian Smith was in attendance, as was MHT Ambassador, Nigel Vardy (in his vintage climbing gear).

The original idea and organisation for the event came from sixth form pupil Archie Price Siddiqui who has been interested in the expedition for much of his life - about 5 years ago, aged just 12, and in partnership with Terry Abraham, the MHT, the BMC, the Alpine Club, Leo Houlding, Julie Summers and Dave Hahn, he made a film about the 1924 expedition which can be seen on the MHT website.

Huge congratulations to Archie, and to all at Shrewsbury School for their hard work and dedication in making this expedition and event such a well-deserved success.

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