Exploring New Heights: The Mountain Heritage Trust's Role in Upcoming Exhibitions

The Mountain Heritage Trust (MHT) is thrilled to announce its participation in notable exhibitions showcasing the rich history of mountain exploration. Both events highlight unique artefacts from MHT's collection, offering a rare glimpse into the legacy of iconic climbers.

Sandy Irvine Exhibition at Merton College, Oxford (April - June 2024)

Firstly, Merton College, Oxford will be hosting their Sandy Irvine Exhibition from April to June 2024, which explores the intriguing life of the famous mountaineer who vanished on Mount Everest in 1924. MHT has provided a replica of Mallory's climbing kit (recreated from the clothing found on Mallory’s body in 1999) for the exhibition. A blog about this kit can be viewed on our website here.

In addition to the above, the University of Cambridge will feature George Mallory in an exhibition showcasing the digitised collection of his personal letters, adding another layer to our understanding of these historical expeditions. Further insights can be gained through the Mallory coverage on the BBC, available at BBC News.

Upcoming Exhibition (June - November 2024)

Later in the year, from June to November 2024, a significant exhibition will take place in the Lake District, featuring not only the MHT’s Mallory Replica Kit but also other significant artefacts from our collections, including those from George Band's 1955 Kanchenjunga expeditions and Chris Bonington's Everest climbs. Further details will be announced soon.

These exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts and scholars alike to delve into the feats of past adventurers, brought to life through the preservation efforts of the Mountain Heritage Trust and others.

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Exploring New Heights: The Mountain Heritage Trust's Role in Upcoming Exhibitions

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