Joe Tasker on Mount Kongur in 1981

The October 2023 MHT Trustees Meeting ended with a surprise! Paul Tasker (brother of Joe Tasker) addressed the meeting and presented a photograph of the Mount Kongur 1981 expedition photograph. What is different, you may ask, from any of the other photographs of that expedition?

The photograph is a rare demonstration of how valuable the MHT collections items are, in that it is signed by all expedition members, namely – Joe Tasker, Pete Boardman, Chris Bonington, Al Rouse (the summit group) and Michael Ward, Charlie Clarke , Jim Milledge and Edward Williams (the supporting medical research group) sadly, as we know, not all of them are with us now.

If you think you have anything of such value related to British mountaineering, the Mountain Heritage Trust may be interested in adding the item, should you wish to donate them, to the collections we already have. All the collections are housed in archival conditions, preserved and catalogued to support the stories of the amazing feats, challenges and endurance of British mountaineers.

Get in touch with Mountain Heritage Trust at if you think you have anything to donate.

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