Mazeno Ridge fundraising lecture at Rheged

Doug Scott introduced Rick Allen who, with Sandy Allan, made the first traverse of Nanga Parbat by the 6 mile Mazeno Ridge earlier this year.

Twenty years ago Doug with Sergey Efimov and two Sherpa friends made the very first attempt at climbing the Mazeno Ridge. In a four day alpine style push they managed to climb only one third of the Ridge. Doug returned again in 1995 with Rick and Sandy, and again failed to complete the ridge.

In July ‘While Great Britain was excelling at the Olympics, Rick Allen claimed a world first on Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas. Now the story of the heroic feat in conquering an unclimbed ridge can be told for the first time’ (The Observer). Rick and Sandy, now aged 58 and 56, returned 17 years later. They not only climbed all the way along the ridge and up to the summit of the ninth highest mountain in the world Nanga Parbat (8,125m), but then descended down the Diamir Face to make a complete traverse of the mountain and the most demanding climb made by British mountaineers in recent times.

This was a huge commitment and an incredible ordeal for veteran climbers Sandy and Rick, who took 14 consecutive days to make the complete 8 mile traverse – the last three without food or a stove to melt snow for water.

All profits from ticket sales went to support the work of the Mountain Heritage Trust. Whilst sales of Nepalese goods and proceeds from an auction of mountain prints signed by Messner, Habeler, Hornbein, Bonington et al went go to event organisers Community Action Nepal.

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