Savage Arena moves to Preston Park Museum

The Mountain Heritage Trust is delighted to announce that its successful exhibition, Savage Arena, on mountaineer Joe Tasker will be displayed at Preston Park Museum, Stockton-on-Tees from the 27th March 2018 – 24th June 2018.

Joe Tasker’s disappearance on Everest with Pete Boardman in 1982 remains a mystery but his legacy as a pioneering mountaineer, as well as a writer, thinker, photographer and filmmaker lives on. This exhibition explores Joe’s life and achievements from family life, school and early adventures in the Scouts and exploring the Lake District; to expeditions on the world’s highest mountains and Joe’s continued influence as a writer through his books ‘Everest the Cruel Way’ and ‘Savage Arena’.

The project was originally funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the exhibition is now being toured to allow new audiences to learn more about this pioneering climber. It features original clothing, equipment, letters, photographs and film footage. Highlights include Joe’s first climbing diary, his original handwritten draft for Savage Arena (still cited by many as one of the top-ten books on mountaineering) and the rucksack used by Joe on his final expedition.

Preston Park Museum opened to the public in 1953 and since then has presented exhibitions on an array of themes in heritage and culture that caters for all ages and ensures the preservation of the area’s local history.

Find out more information on the museum and admissions here:  

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