The Mountain Heritage Trust’s new expanded team is ready and willing!

The legacy of our past mountaineering feats, testing human endurance and discovering routes hitherto unclimbed, demonstrates why these legacies need preserving.

It provides both an important history and a source of inspiration for the climbers of today. The Mountain Heritage Trust has just recruited eight new trustees to the board who bring a huge range of talents and skills to the team.

The current Trustees, Patrons and staff met some of the new Trustees in June to set up plans for moving the Trust forward.  Keep an eye on the MHT website for future projects and events.

Who has joined the team?

Julian Duxfield - Trustee

Julian is an experienced mountaineer, dedicated to sharing Britain's mountaineering heritage, and has had a diverse career in human resources.

Learn more about Julian

Peter Foster - Trustee

Retired physician Peter, is an Alpine Journal writer, an Alps enthusiast and biographer.

Learn more about Peter

Malcolm Jackson - Trustee

Malcolm is a semi-retired scientist specialising in ageing research and muscle loss. His mountaineering interests developed as he grew up in the western lakes which has included rock climbing and hill walking across the UK.

Learn more about Malcolm

Remus Knowles - Trustee

Remus has been climbing in the Peak District for 20+ years, specialising in sport climbing, bouldering, and trad climbing alongside being founder.

Learn more about Remus

David Monteith - Trustee

David is a retired teacher and mountaineering instructor, residing in the Eden Valley, who embraces climbing, skiing, and photography across global ranges.

Learn more about David

Roderick Smith - Trustee

Inspired by Everest's 1953 ascent, Rod developed climbing skills in the Lakes and on gritstone. He is a diverse climber, editor, and collector, active in multiple mountaineering clubs.

Learn more about Rod

David Tait - Trustee

David’s mountain passion ignited in childhood, blossomed via RAF Mountaineering Association, with climbing spanning the UK, Alps, Rockies & Himalaya.

Learn more about David

Charlotte Whitmore - Trustee

Charlotte has been drawn to mountains since college, embracing Munro Bagging, gritstone climbing, and global adventures alongside being a sustainability advocate

Learn more about Charlotte

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